Onno is commercial software. Before you can download anything, you have to buy Onno.

The download requires authentification.

  • User:
    The complete email address you used at the purchase, e.g. [email protected]. If you changed your email address later (e.g. for the newsletter) your user name is still the old address.
  • Password:
    If you bought Onno at share-it, your password is your share-it order number. That number consists of 9 digits. People who did not buy at share-it get their password by mail.

    You might also have a password for share-it (all their products). This is not your password to download Onno.

After your purchase, you can download the latest version of Onno instantly from share-it. Access to this download area has to be granted manually and will take some days (at most a week).

Multi Processor Update (Beta)


After unzipping the update, you have to copy your license file into the directory where onno-1-2-2-w32.exe is located. License files are available only by purchase at share-it.

A known issue with the beta is poor speedup at very fast time controls (such as 1+1). Other issues might turn up.

I have sucessfully tested the beta on two cores. It was reported to be stable on four cores. Current hard coded limit is 8 cores, but there are no test results for more then four cores yet.

Opening Book

By request of the book author, I no longer provide an opening book. I am sorry for this.

Old versions

Here you can find old versions of Onno for download. They still require a valid license file. License files for one version are also valid for all earlier versions.